Why Machine Learning is Really Important

Why Machine Learning so hot right now?

There are several reasons a big one is doing machine learning well requires :

  • Lots of Data – We have lots of data as we live in the Big Data era. We should know how to process it for our benefit.
  • Lots of Compute Power – We have lots of computing power available since we live in the cloud era.
  • Effective Machine Learning Algorithms – Again we have it available as we have seen lots of researches and what exactly works.

Who is interested in Machine Learning?

  • Business Leaders – They need solutions to business problems. For example, Fraudulent transactions, Determining whether the customer will switch to a competitor or not are the business problem. Genuine solutions do have real business value and business leaders truly want those solutions.
  • Software Developers – They need to build better applications and we saw application rely on the model to make a better prediction. If you are a software developer then machine learning can help you build better apps even if you are not creating a model.
  • Data Scientists – Data Scientists really want powerful and easy to use the tool.

What is a data scientist?

Data scientist are someone who knows about the following things  :

  1. Statistics
  2. Machine Learning Software (Typically code writing)
  3. Some problem Domain (Like Credit card transaction frauds or Robot preventing maintenance etc)

Key facts about Data Scientist  

  1. Good ones are scare
  2. Good ones are costly

If you could solve the real business problem with machine learning you can save a lot of money hence there is real business value there. The good data scientist who understand all above things i.e. statistics, machine learning, and problem-solving domains can have immense value.

Machine Learning vendors

Let’s talk about the vendors involved who offers machine learning products and services. Vendors can be divided into the following three categories.

  1. Analytics Vendors
  2. Mega-vendors
  3. Cloud vendors

Now let’s look at the vendors involved in each category

Analytics Vendors

  • SAS Analytics Suite
  • RapidMiner Studio
  • Alteryx Analytics

Machine learning sometimes referred to as predictive analytics. It is pretty much an extension of classic analytics of data mining in many ways.


  • SAP Predictive Analysis
  • Oracle Advanced Analytics
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

As you can see big companies like IBM, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft offers the machine learning products and services. you know why? because of its huge demand, growing market and big money.

Cloud Vendors

  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Once again big companies like Amazon and Microsoft involved in machine learning products and services. Because more and more machine learning offering that lives in the cloud.

Machine Learning with R

What is R Programming?

R is a programming language and open source software environment for statistical computing and graphics that is established by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.

  • It supports machine learning, statistical computing and more.
  • It has lots of available packages to address machine learning problem and other things.
  •  R is very popular and many commercial machine learning offering supports R.
  • R is around for long and first appeared in 1993.

R is not the only choice but Python is increasing in popularity since it is an open source technology for doing machine learning. Python also has a number of libraries and packages for machine learning.

So R is no longer alone as the only open source choice in this area and very much popular.

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