Introduction to JavaScript and It’s Modern Uses

JavaScript is the programming language of Web. JavaScript started out as to add a small bit of functionality to a website. But today, JavaScript has evolved into much more.

Javascript for Web Applications

Across the globe vast variety of websites use JavaScript today and it is supported by major browsers. JavaScript can be used in most of the business applications today by using web connectivity API’s built-in. Also using JavaScript we can make any kind of Utility, Security and Data Application.

In large business apps, JavaScript is popular and it has been embraced by scalable language known as the TypeScript. Typescript is a super set of JavaScript.

We need to understand JavaScript well to write large scale business apps.

Javascript for Games Development

Games can be created using JavaScript. If you have heard of Unity3D game engine which used to make 2D,3D, VR & AR Games. It is supported by JavaScript language.

Javascript for Native Applications

Not only web application that runs on the browser uses JavaScript but also smartphones and tablets can use JavaScript. Apache Cordova used for this.

Javascript for Desktop Applications

JavaScript can be used to create a full-fledged application for Mac and Windows desktop. There is no need for browser at all. Popular technology for this is Electron.

Javascript for Server-side (Webserver)

Server-side code also can be accomplished using JavaScript. You can create a web server, web API and other services using a technology called node js.

Javascript for IoT Devices

Internet of Things (IoT) is booming right now. JavaScript can be used in IoT devices. Raspberry pi supports node js. So, ultimately you can use JavaScript with it.

So, JavaScript is the multi-platform language. It will run in any modern Web Browsers, Mobile phones, TabletsDesktop, Server and IoT devices.

Simple Javascript Language Example

Let’s use Plunker to write out first traditional Hello World JavaScript code.

Steps to write and execute JavaScript code using Plunker

Note: This tutorial will not show how to use Plunker. Just follow the below steps to get desire result using JavaScript. You can always learn more about Plunker at Google.

  • Open Plunker website.
  • You will find the below screen. Click on the Launch the Editor button.
  • Click on script.js file on the left side. See the below snap.
  • Add below code in the editor. On the right side.
console.log('Hello World');
  • Click on the Run button. See below snap.

Console log JavaScript function basically put the result into the browser’s console window. Go to the browser’s developer tools. You will see a console window in tabs. Click on that, you will see Hello World printed there.

In upcoming articles, we will see features of JavaScript Language and how to interact with HTML using JavaScript.

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