JavaScript Tutorial – Beginner

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language as of today. Below is the table of contents for Beginner JavaScript Tutorial. In this tutorial, you are going to learn concepts of JavaScript at Basic level only.

Each main topic of JavaScript is discussed in the tutorial with examples & with simple to learn explanation.

We are going to keep this tutorial up-to date. We will be keep adding & updating new topics or changes.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial or any suggestions then feel free to drop us email at: [email protected]

List of Topics

Lesson 1Introduction to JavaScript and It’s Modern Uses

In this topic, you are going to learn what exactly is JavaScript? Little bit history of JavaScript and where you can use JavaScript today?

Lesson 2Setup JavaScript Environment in Visual Studio Code

In this Topic, you will learn how to setup your JavaScript environment. Don’t stress too much on this topic. Just follow the given instructions and you will able to run basic JavaScript code given throughout the tutorial.

Lesson 3Add and Use JavaScript Code in HTML

Here you are going to start using the JavaScript language. We’ll see how to add & use JavaScript in the HTML.

Lesson 4 – Find Errors in the JavaScript

You have to deal with errors in every programming language. In this lesson you will learn how to errors in JavaScript. Finding errors in JavaScript is little bit different than other programming languages.