What is Cloud Computing?

In simple words, cloud means storing computer/data somewhere and access computers/data over the internet.

It is not just about storage. There is Compute, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and whole bunch of other Services for you to use.

Eventually, whole work is done on someone else’s Server.

Origin of Cloud

It comes from the ARPANET project where they were architecting internet. They had used Symbol of cloud in their chart. They have designed cloud in the flowchart to show internet. There purpose was to show that, “Any computer is connected to the internet has access to vast amount of data“.

Today, using cloud not only you access data but also you can use virtual Computers/Servers, Software and Services hosted for you without managing any physically infrastructure at your end.

Analogy of Cloud

Cloud is like electricity. You can generate your own energy BUT to create your own energy you need ‘energy generates’. Also, you need to maintain it and so there is a maintenance cost. Also, to create energy you need other resources and with that additional cost comes too.

In this case, you have to handle your customers and energy both. Suppose you are the TV making company and also you are creating your own energy to run TV then there will be high cost involves for both you and your customers.

Energy is requirement for all. That’s why there are companies who provides energy to all public and companies. Company who build electronic products doesn’t need to provide energy. They just need to concentrate on their business of making electronic products and set up them to customer’s home.

Similarly, Cloud companies work like energy companies. Their only purpose is to provide infrastructure and services of other products so the product making companies can only concentrate on their products and customers.

They don’t need to worry about managing servers, downtime, availability, scalability, other infrastructure, software services, data analytics tools, databases and so on. They can use all these over the internet and maintenance part is taken care by cloud companies.

Who are the Top Cloud Service Providers?

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Google Cloud
  4. IBM Cloud

We Hope, You understood what exactly Cloud Computing means.

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