What are some Vendors in Big Data

We have seen some technologies in big data now we will look at the major vendors that make up the Big Data market. Major vendors in Hadoop There are numbers of vendors in Hadoop Distribution. Cloudera Hortonworks (HCatalog: Hive/Pig/MR Interop) MapR (Network File System replaces HDFS) IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Microsoft Hadoop and Cloud Computing Amazon […]

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What has given Rise to Big Data

There are some factors that have given rise to Big Data. Let’s look at them one by one. Cheap Hardware – Today, There is a vast reduction in the cost of storage, disk drives have become much cheaper recently. This is a big difference from data analysis technologies and marketplaces even recently that focused much more […]

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How Machine Learning Process Works

Understanding machine learning is nothing but an understanding Machine learning process. In the last post, we have seen some machine learning concepts now we will look at how exactly the machine learning process works. Iterative – In Machine Learning process you repeat things in both big and small ways Challenging – It is very rare […]

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