What has given Rise to Big Data

There are some factors that have given rise to Big Data. Let’s look at them one by one.

Cheap Hardware – Today, There is a vast reduction in the cost of storage, disk drives have become much cheaper recently. This is a big difference from data analysis technologies and marketplaces even recently that focused much more on expensive appliances, network storage, and other technologies that smaller organizations really didn’t have access to.

Open Source Software – Much of the Big Data technology is based on open source software. Open source software can be still expensive in terms of the total cost of ownership but certainly, getting started with open source software is a lot more approachable than getting started with expensive proprietary and commercial software.

Web – So many web-based businesses have created both producers and consumers of data. Web-based companies, because they are based on the web, are producing all kinds of data. And these companies are most able to act and change based on what that data is telling them because so much of their infrastructure is based on software rather than physical plant and physical infrastructure.

Communities – Open source software tend to create big communities. So, it is quite easy to get help.

So, is it more convenient today to analyze and keep data around easily and it has given rise to Big Data.

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