In dept Introduction of Big Data

There are several definitions of Big Data. We will look at them in the next part. But before we need to understand where this Big Data come from. What are the sources of Big Data? We’ll look at them one by one below.

Big Data Sources

Internet – Internet plays a very big role in proving Big Data. Emails, Mainstream Media, Social media, E-commerce website generates a very HUGE amount of Data.

Supply Chain – Supply chain scenarios produce tons of data given the prevalence of RFID tags and the number of scanners in different supply chain facilities that scan those RFID tags and the articles that they are attached to, that’s a huge area for Big Data analysis.

Mobile Towers – Cell towers produce all kinds of data both about the calls that they connect and complete as well as just about the devices that pass near the towers and how long and what the signal strength is and what platforms and nominal numbers and brands names those devices are associated with.

Supermarket Product Scanning – UPC codes which actually date back to the 1970s, they can produce Big Data too.

So, the main point is that Big Data is not new to us. We have always had it. What we haven’t done is to keep it and analyze. Today, we are keeping that data and doing analysis on it.

Importance of machine learning has also risen up with the Big Data. In the next post, we will see has given rise to Big Data.

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