Monitoring Azure Environment

Monitoring and Visibility is the most important component in the Azure platform. It shows you how Resources are performing, are there any errors or who is making changes in the Azure platform and so on.

Azure Monitor helps you to keep watch on entire Azure platform. Without this tool, it would be very challenging to look after so many subscriptions, groups and resources. There should single monitoring platform to keep eye on those. Azure Monitor brings you that platform.

What Azure Monitor Does?

Azure Monitor Logs and Metrics (Image Source: Microsoft)

Azure Monitor maintains Metrics and Logs of all Azure and Non-Azure Sources.


Occurrence of events kept in Text-Based Records.

  • Activity Logs. For example, Who created resources, When and What?
  • Operating System Logs. For example, Windows is throwing an error or event logs error etc.


It also uses telemetry-based performance data. Its a automated communication process from various systems, applications and data sources.

  • CPU Utilization
  • VM Health
  • Latency or Website Performance

Azure Tenant, Azure Subscription, Azure Resources, OS, Applications and Custom sources are all stack of Azure platform is monitored using Logs and Metrics.

What Actions Azure Monitor Takes?

Azure Monitor Dashboard (Image Source: Microsoft)

It shows you visual representation of Logs and Metrics.

It can troubleshoot windows system errors or any other OS you are using.

It can send automatic alerts when something goes wrong in Azure Platform.

It also can create automatic Resources and execute Runbook Scripts and Execute Rules by responding to events.

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